"One of Sweden's major new saxophonists and composers." Jan Granlie - Salt & peanuts

Composer of the year at Sveriges Radios Jazzkattengala 2017.

My name is Malin Wättring and I work as a professional musician, composer, arranger and teacher. I live Gothenburg, Sweden and I'm working within the field of modern jazz, free improvisation and alternative music. My main instrument is saxophone but I also play guitar, piano and I sing. 

In 2014, I finished a bachelors degree in improvised music at the Academy for Music & Drama in Gothenburg and I've been working as a professional musician sience 2011. I travel all over the world to play and I've collaborated with bands such as Bohuslän Big Band, Fire! Orchestra, Nils Landgrens Jazz Baltica All Star Big Band, Ann-Sofi Söderqvist Jazz Orchestra, Euroradio Jazz Orchestra, Tonbruket, Black Dough, Flocken etc. I'm a member of Anna Högberg Attack! and my own group; Malin Wättring 4.

2016 I wrote a comission for Bohuslän Big Band and my quartet, we will release an album called Harvest on Havtorn Records February 16th.  Look out! 

I also teach music and I give individual lessons as well as ensemble. I give workshops, for example on the subjects improvisation and composition. I've teached beginners as well as students at the Academy of Music & Drama in Gothenburg.  

Photo: Amanda Andréas