photo: amanda andréas

malin wättring 4

Malin Wättring - tenor & soprano saxophone
Naoko Sakata - piano
Donovan von Martens - double bass
Anna Lund - drums

Malin Wättring 4's music has the roots in the Nordic jazz but it has no limits to where it can go. The music is timeless and free from locked and solid forms. The group works intuitively with combining written material with free improvisation. MW4 is functioning as a democracy and there
are lots of room for the four musicians to express themselves. The sound is sometimes fragile, sometimes powerful, sometimes challenging, sometimes beautiful. The band always interprets the burning present.

We have played togheter sience 2012 and released our debut album Glöd (Havtorn Records) in April 2015. In February we will release our second album Harvest togheter with Bohuslän Big Band on Havtorn Records. 

photo: rebecka bjurmell

malin wättring 8

Malin Wättring - soprano-, tenor- & baritone saxophone
Signe Dahlgreen - tenor saxophone & bass clarinet
Isak Hedtjärn - clarinet & bass clarinet
Stina Larsdotter - cello
Karin Verbaan - voice & flute
Naoko Sakata - piano
Donovan von Martens - double bass
Anna Lund - drums

This is the expanded version of Malin Wättring 4. Also here, the music consists of compositions with strict arrangements combined with free improvisation. The group functions as a democracy and there's alot of space of the eight musicians to express themselves. The group was put togheter in 2013 and released their debut album Glöd (Havtorn Records) in April 2015.

photo: Donovan von Martens


Malin Wättring - saxophone, voice, guitar, synth, electronics. 

A project that has been going on for several years behind closed doors. Time has come to open the door, bit by bit. Listen to the first recording of the project, I want the truth.  

photo: micke keysendal

anna högberg attack!

Anna Lund - drums
Elsa Bergman - double bass
Lisa Ullén - piano
Elin Larsson Forkelid - saxophones
Anna Högberg - saxophones
Malin Wättring - saxophones

Anna Högberg Attack! plays raw and suggestive music based on compositions written by Anna Högberg (Pombo // Fire! Orchestra // Se & hör // winner of Jazzkatten-årets nykomling of the Year 2013). She brings five strong musicians with unique voices togheter to a group  which sound both caresses and river. The expression and freedom is the most important and there's alot of space for the musicians to bloom, each one individually and in the collective. Anna Högberg Attack! are wild horses that can not be contained. The band had its world premiere in connection with the Stockholm Jazz Festival 2013. 

Album release, spring 2015.