Malin Wättring (born 1987) is a saxophone player, singer and guitar player, composer and arranger from Sweden, currently based in Gothenburg, who's working within the field of modern jazz, free improvisation and alternative music She's now playing in the bands Anna Högberg Attack!, Johan Moir Ensemble and Malin Wättring 4 & 8. Malin is the bandleader and composer for MW4&8 sience 2012. Malin is mostly a tenor- and soprano sax player, but plays also baritone sax.  She's also doing a solo project where she plays guitar, synth and sings. 

In 2014, Malin finished a bachelors degree in improvised music at the Academy for Music & Drama in Gothenburg. She has been studying for musicians such as Anders Jormin, Lindha Kallerdahl, Thomas Jäderlund, Anders Hagberg, Michala Östergaard-Nielsen &  Cennet Jönsson. 

In January 2015, she participated in the Up and coming project with Bohuslän Big Band. After that Bohuslän BB asked Malin to write a comission for them. Malin chose to include her quartet in the project, Malin Wättring 4. They did a mini tour in October 2016 and will record an album togheter in 2017. 
Malin is also a member of Nils Landgrens Jazz Baltica All Star Big Band. During 2014, she played with the renowned 28-piece band FIRE! orchestra and she also was selected by Swedish National Radio to represent Sweden in the annual big band project European Jazz Orchestra, organized by the European Broadcasting Union.  In 2012, she represented Sweden  in the Young Nordic Jazz Comets with the band Kosmic Sounds. Malin has been nominated for Newcomer of the year 2015 and Composer of the year 2016 at the Swedish Radios annual gala "Jazzkatten".  

Malin Wättring is actively playing at Sweden's main scenes and has also performed in Norway, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, France, Austria, Slovenia, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, England, Ireland, Switzerland and USA.